How to code with Three.js

How to code JavaScript on Ancient Brain with the "Three.js" library.
To get started with Ancient Brain using Three.js, do the following Starter Tutorial. This does not assume you have ever written a program.
Starter Tutorial (Three.js)
This course shows you how to make many different modifications to this basic "Starter World":
One Cube World (...
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Created: 11 Apr 2018
Modified: 21 Apr 2021
Simple starter World (Three.js version). Built-in camera control.
How to write JS on Ancient Brain
Explains how to code in JavaScript (JS) on Ancient Brain. To create a World, you need to register and log in. Click a World name to go to its "home page" where you can take actions. Edit code in the browser. Run direct from the editor. Explains ways to output data. Explains how to include another JS file.

How to write a World
To code a World, make a blank new one, or "clone" an existing World and change it. Worlds are written for a specific "API". Explains World screenshots. Explains how to upload support files and use them. Explains how to do keyboard, mouse and touch interaction.
How to write a World that uses no Mind
Step-by-step guide.
How to write a World that uses a Mind
Step-by-step guide.

How to write a Mind
Step-by-step guide. Explains how Minds can call other Minds. This is the AI model behind Ancient Brain.
1. Shapes
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Created: 16 Aug 2018
Modified: 24 Mar 2019
Port of code "shapes" from Ch.1
3. Making an Avatar
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Created: 16 Aug 2018
Modified: 24 Mar 2019
Port of code "building_an_avatar" from Ch.3
Links to full JavaScript and jQuery reference.

AB object
Ancient Brain runs have an "AB" object defined, which provides lots of built-in functionality and customisability on every run. This is a full reference for the data and methods of the AB object.
AB World and Mind definitions
You define Worlds and Minds by defining methods for and AB.mind. Then Minds can run in Worlds. This explains the syntax.
AB legacy code
Explains some legacy code you might see in some people's Worlds. One of the core principles of Ancient Brain is that old Worlds will run forever.
Types of runs
Explains how to run "logged in". Explains how to send extra information to runs.

A summary page of all the APIs. Compares them by libraries used and functionality.

Some useful links for how to get resources online, such as textures, 3D models and sound effects.
Ace editor
Links to the official Ace editor docs, and quick reference. Explains the "Intelligent code help".

Three.js reference
Links to the official Three.js docs. Help on using 3D models in Three.js.