Ace editor

For editing in the browser, we use the Ace editor. This does JavaScript syntax highlighting and syntax checking.

Here are some useful links:

Ace keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl-Home - Go to top.
  • Ctrl-End - Go to end.
  • Ctrl-L - Go to line (e.g. after error message).

  • Ctrl-F - Find.
  • Ctrl-H - Find and replace.
  • Ctrl-D - Delete line
  • Ctrl-Z - Undo.
  • Ctrl-comma - Settings. Can change font and theme.

  • Click on bracket - Highlight matching bracket.
  • Ctrl-P - Jump to matching bracket.

Ancient Brain keyboard shortcuts:

  • Alt-I - Intelligent code help (for selected text).
  • Ctrl-S - Save.
  • Alt-Enter - Run.

Intelligent code help

The editor has intelligent help for coders. Select a function or object in the JavaScript code and press Alt-I to display help on it. A series of rules try to bring you the best help page for the selected code. The help displayed will be the following:

Selected text Help displayed
THREE.string Entry in Three.js docs
Physijs.string Page in Physijs docs
P5 word Entry in P5 docs
Page in Ancient Brain docs
The correct API page
Other string Google top hit for this string with "JavaScript".

The background is a program, showing the JavaScript graphics used on this site.

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