How to run Worlds

Worlds that can be run are usually indicated by a world image to click on (or touch tap), like these:

Complete Infinit...
By Enhanced  
This program was made by Nathan Bonnard. In this world, you can generate an infinite world ! Bu...
Blank Three.js World
By Starter user  
A simple starter World. An Array of spheres. Painted with textures. Random motion.
Simple World
By Starter user  
Simple World with a Mind-controlled agent, randomly-moving enemy, paint blocks with texture.

Sometimes the run is done by clicking a run button, like: and:

Try all of the above. They are working links.

A run opens a new tab or window

  • The run takes place on the client side (on your local machine, in the browser) not on the server side.
  • A run opens a new tab or new window.

  • Camera control: Depending on the API, it may be possible for the user to control the camera in the run window. Try mouse drag (or touch drag on a touch screen) to move the camera. Try mouse scroll (or touch pinch on a touch screen) to zoom in and out.

To close the run window

To close the run window:
  • Click on the Close icon:
  • Or click on the normal tab or window close icon.
  • Or use a keyboard shortcut like Ctrl-W.
  • See keyboard shortcuts for closing tabs and windows on different operating systems.

New tabs/windows

In general, the following links open in new tabs/windows:
  • Run
  • Edit
Links on the following pages open in new tabs/windows:
  • Run
  • Edit
  • Starter tutorials

Warning to all users: A run is like a random website

All users should be advised that a run window is essentially a third party website.

Our philosophy is to allow the upload of almost any JavaScript, subject to some basic checks. We do not want to put limits on the imagination of authors. Authors can write to the run window, redesign it and insert links into it. Essentially, World authors and Mind authors "own" the run window, as if it was their website.

So you should treat each run as if it is a new, unknown website that you have landed on after following a link on social media. Do not enter any passwords (even Ancient Brain passwords) into a run window. Do not type any sensitive data into a run window. Follow any links in it with caution. Watch out for it redirecting to another server. Read any user comments. Check out who wrote it.

Please report misleading or malicious Worlds and Minds to:

Note that:

  • Login pages are on the server:
    These pages are safe.

  • Run windows are on the server:
    These pages are untrusted, and may even redirect to a new server entirely.

Run "logged in"

You login to the 1st server:
Runs take place on the 2nd server:   where there is no login.

However, some runs can have a limited form of "login" where they are associated with your account, and Worlds can use AB functions to save data on the server in your account. This is data linked to your use of that World (e.g. your position in a game, or some object you created in the World). The data is saved in files like this in your uploads directory:

The run can later read back from that file. (In fact, any run can read that file. Like all your uploads, it is public.)

Here is the plan for whether runs are "logged in" or not:

Run launch Run properties
You are logged in to 1st server
Run is launched from World page or Mind page or Edit page
  • The run is logged in.
  • The World can save data to your account.
  • The run URL only works for you.
  • Do not share this URL. It will not work for other people. Share the plain run URL instead.
You are not logged in to 1st server
Run is launched from other page (list of Worlds, search results)
  • The run is not logged in.
  • The World cannot save data.
  • The plain run URL works for everyone.
  • You can share this URL and it will work.

Here is an example of a World with "save data" and "restore data" buttons when you run logged in.

The background is a program, showing the JavaScript graphics used on this site.

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