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How to run Worlds

Worlds that can be run are usually indicated by a world image to click on (or touch tap), like these:

Complete Infinit...
468 runs ♦ 0 likes
By Enhanced  
Created: 9 Aug 2018
Modified: 26 Aug 2018
This program was made by Nathan Bonnard. In this world, you can generate an infinite world ! Bu...
Simple World
1514 runs ♦ 2 likes
By Starter user  
Created: 1 Oct 2016
Modified: 18 Apr 2021
Simple World with a Mind-controlled agent, randomly-moving enemy, paint blocks with texture.
Blank Three.js World
1338 runs ♦ 2 likes
By Starter user  
Created: 20 Nov 2016
Modified: 18 Apr 2021
A simple starter World. An Array of spheres. Painted with textures. Random motion.

Sometimes the run is done by clicking a run button, like: and:

Try all of the above. They are working links.

A run opens a new tab or window

To close the run window

To close the run window:

New tabs/windows

The following links open in new tabs/windows: Links on the following pages open in new tabs/windows: This is to protect the editor contents from being reset, and protect the canvas contents from being reset.

Worlds with the Web page API are an exception. Links open in the same window.

Two servers

Warning: A run is like a personal website

All users should be advised that a run window is essentially a third party personal website.

Our philosophy is to allow the upload of almost any JavaScript, subject to some basic checks. We do not want to put limits on the imagination of authors. Authors can write to the run window, redesign it and insert links into it. Essentially, World authors and Mind authors "own" the run window, as if it was their website.

So you should treat each run as if it is a personal website that you have landed on after following a link. Now the Web model is mature and safe, so there is no need to worry. But follow the usual rules:

Please report misleading or malicious Worlds and Minds to: