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This API is for P5 Worlds using ML5. It has no Ancient Brain framework. Anything written in P5 with ML5 should run using this API without change.

This API has the following features:



This API does not have AB support.
It defines a global variable called "ABWorld" with not much in it:

 ABWorld;                 // instance of class ABWorldClass  

 ABWorld.canvas;          // a variable to point to the canvas   		
 ABWorld.fullwidth();     // return full width of window on desktop / screen on mobile 
 ABWorld.fullheight();    // return full height of window on desktop / screen on mobile

Creating canvas

For making screenshots, Ancient Brain needs to find the canvas.
Normally with P5 you createCanvas() and carry on:
	  createCanvas ( ... );		 
If the canvas does not display, or if the AB system fails to find the canvas for screenshots, help it out by telling it where the canvas is:

	var canvas = createCanvas ( ... );		 

	ABWorld.setCanvas ( canvas );            


Examples of Worlds that use this API:

ML5 image recogn...
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By Starter user  
Created: 10 Jun 2021
Modified: 17 Sep 2023
Demo of image recognition using ML5 and MobileNet. Image URL is hardcoded.