Introduction to Programming: Part Two

This course assumes you have done Introduction to Programming: Part One. If not, do that now.

Again, this course uses JavaScript and the P5 graphics library.

Again, this is based on the great video series: Code! Programming with p5.js by Daniel Shiffman at The Coding Train. The Shiffman code has been ported (with permission under MIT licence) to Ancient Brain Worlds that can be run and edited in the browser.

When you are finished part two of this course, you will be able to make Worlds like the following. Click to run them.

Tutorial 7.8 variant
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Created: 6 Sep 2018
Modified: 11 Sep 2018
Tutorial 7.8 with music and other uploaded images, including from other users. Click on the images.
Tutorial 7.4
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Created: 5 Sep 2018
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Mouse Interaction with Objects
Tutorial 7.3
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Created: 5 Sep 2018
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Arrays of Objects


  1. Function Basics
  2. Function Parameters and Arguments
  3. Functions and Return
  4. Classes in JavaScript
  5. Constructor Arguments with Classes
  6. What is an array?
  7. Arrays and Loops
  8. Arrays of Objects
  9. Mouse Interaction with Objects
  10. Removing Objects from Arrays
  11. Object Communication Part 1
  12. Object Communication Part 2
  13. Objects and Images

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