Ancient Brain Starter Tutorial (P5)

This tutorial shows you how to get started on Ancient Brain (P5 version).

To be precise, this shows how to start coding on Ancient Brain in the JavaScript programming language, using the P5 library for the graphics. (You can use other libraries for graphics, notably Three.js.)

On Ancient Brain, you can edit and run programs in the browser, with no install. You have to register and get a username if you want to save your creations.

Video introduction

The tutorial has videos for each step. Here is a high-level introduction. It does not assume you have ever coded, or ever heard of JavaScript graphics.



The tutorial will show you how to copy and edit a simple "World" called "One Cube World". (Click on a World image to run it.)

You will soon be able to make variants of this World. See the many variants that people have made. One impressive one is "Interstellar cubes".

Interstellar cubes
326 runs ♦ 3 likes
By Thomas Mc Cann  
Created: 16 Oct 2019
Modified: 3 Nov 2019
A journey into Interstellar space. Run and press F12 (in chrome) to view the console. Try left c...
One Cube World (P5)
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By Starter user  
Created: 10 Nov 2018
Modified: 13 Dec 2019
Simple starter World (P5 version). No camera control. So cube rotates to show 3D.

Get started

Enough talk. Let's start the tutorial!
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