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Ancient Brain
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What is Ancient Brain?

Ancient Brain is a global archive of user-submitted programs ("Worlds") that run in the browser.

  • Worlds are in JavaScript and use browser WebGL graphics.
  • We support 3D and 2D graphics, real physics, and import of pre-built 3D models.
  • Worlds may be for humans to interact with (games, research demos, business demos).
  • Or Worlds may be for programs to interact with (teaching exercises and students' answers, research problems and solutions).
  • Worlds can be "cloned" and modified by other users, in a new type of "social coding".
  • No install. Worlds run in the browser. Worlds can be edited in the browser.
  • It runs on mobiles, with no install. You can write mobile touch games. You can play on the bus. You can code on the bus.
  • Worlds can be embedded on other websites. Show off your creations on other sites.

Types of users

We envisage three types of users:

  1. Programmers who can write entire Worlds.
  2. Users who just browse and run the Worlds.
  3. "Tweakers" who cannot write an entire World but are able to change a few lines of code of the Worlds written by the programmers. Why not? What's the worst that could happen?
Who will these users be? We imagine something like this:
  1. Programmers: Third-level students. Professional developers.
  2. Users: The general public.
  3. Tweakers: Second-level students. Enthusiasts.

Ancient Brain: What will it become?

Ancient Brain aims to become:

  • One of the most fun places in the world to code.
  • One of the best places online to show off your portfolio of code to potential employers.
  • A platform for teaching, from kids to adults.
  • A platform for AI and other Computer Science research.
  • A vast archive of useful algorithms and subroutines that can be called in situ.
  • A vast archive of user-submitted browsable games. A place people will come to to look for new games.
  • A social and immediate way of coding. As soon as you press "Save", your friend can press "Run", even before you do. There is no intermediate upload or download step.
  • A way of bringing real coding to the masses.
  • A way of empowering a new type of user - the "tweaker".

Desktop, tablet, mobile

Ancient Brain runs in the browser and adapts to your device. No app is needed. It should work in your browser on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Example of starter Worlds

Here are some "Starter Worlds" that you can edit and customise. You can "clone" the World, then edit your clone, change some code (the code is marked with many things you can change) and then run it again.

Blank Three.js World
1110 runs ♦ 2 likes
By Starter user  
Created: 20 Nov 2016
Modified: 18 Apr 2021
A simple starter World. An Array of spheres. Painted with textures. Random motion.
Zombie Death Baby
523 runs ♦ 1 like
By Starter user  
Created: 11 Jun 2018
Modified: 4 Jul 2021
How to make a fun touch game for mobile. Touch drag and tap objects. Mouse drag and click object...

Example of complex Worlds

Here are some more complex Worlds that demonstrate the potential of what you can build on Ancient Brain.

There are currently 4,506 Worlds on this site.

Complete Infinit...
390 runs ♦ 0 likes
By Enhanced  
Created: 9 Aug 2018
Modified: 26 Aug 2018
This program was made by Nathan Bonnard. In this world, you can generate an infinite world ! Bu...
Final Pool
947 runs ♦ 2 likes
By Ian Gilligan  
Created: 1 Mar 2019
Modified: 13 Aug 2019
Pool Predictor for CA326

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The globes light up when you log in.

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Call for partners!
If you are interested in writing a programming course, textbook or tutorial videos, Ancient Brain is looking for partners. We will work with you, and integrate your course into the site. This is an opportunity for someone looking to develop a course or textbook to partner with a site to support it and promote it.