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The name "Ancient Brain"

The name "Ancient Brain" has multiple meanings:
  1. It is a reference to the fact that the most technologically advanced object in the universe, the adult brain of Homo sapiens sapiens, is in fact ancient, and existed in roughly its modern form 40,000 years ago. Advanced animal brains existed hundreds of millions of years ago.

  2. It is a reference to the fact that uploads on the Ancient Brain site can live on forever, long after their authors are gone. Upload to the site and walk away. Your upload can be used in an endless number of different ways, far into the future. From the upload of new Minds to act in your old World, to the inclusion of your old Mind in a new multi-Mind architecture, to the cloning and editing of your code, you do not have to be involved. Your code will live on forever.

  3. Finally, it is a nod to the site's origin in Ireland. The name came to me when listening to the song "Ancient Rain" by Irish singer Mary Coughlan.

The temporary logo: is from Wikimedia Commons. It reminds me of intelligence preserved in amber.

The background is a program, showing the JavaScript graphics used on this site.
The globes light up when you log in.

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