Terms and conditions

Ancient Brain is a user-submitted content site where we encourage the sharing of code and resources in a form of collaborative coding. By using this site, you agree to these (hopefully reasonable) terms and conditions.

Use of your work

When you upload Worlds and Minds and resources:
  1. You retain ownership of your code and resources.
  2. Ancient Brain retains ownership of the underlying system code and resources.
  3. No permission is granted for any 3rd party site to copy your code or resources, or any of the system code or resources. Such usage is copyright theft and will be pursued as such.
  4. To include a run of a World on a 3rd party site, use the embed code provided on the World and Mind pages.


When you upload Worlds and Minds and resources:
  1. You accept that your Worlds and Minds may be cloned by users on this site.
  2. You accept that your resources may be referenced by other JS on this site.

Rules for cloning:

  1. Plain text code may be cloned and edited by other users on this site, provided that they retain the attribution at the top showing the cloning trail.
  2. Obfuscated code may only be cloned in certain circumstances. In general, obfuscation means the author does not want others to edit their code. However, minor editing is allowed in special cases where this is needed to get the code to work. An example is the minor editing needed in Calling other Minds.
  3. Large scale attempts to edit obfuscated code are not allowed.
  4. Trying to de-obfuscate a user's obfuscated code is not allowed.

Advertising and charges

Our goal is to make something cool and useful for the world. If this becomes widely popular we will need to find a way to keep it running.
  1. We reserve the right to put advertising on this site in the future, either on normal pages or inside runs.
  2. We reserve the right to introduce charges for certain uses in the future. Basic use will always be free. But we reserve the right to charge for advanced uses in the future. (For example, heavy usage, commercial usage, obfuscation, or other extra features.) We will always try to keep the free entry level as functional as possible while still being financially viable.
  3. It is not all bad news. If there is enough revenue from advertising, the most popular Worlds may be eligible for revenue sharing. We will update on this later.



  1. It is your responsibility to check the copyright permissions for your uploads. We are not responsible for copyright infringements by users. We will remove content found to be in breach of copyright.
  2. Send copyright complaints to copyright@ancientbrain.com
  3. Use of Worlds is at your own risk. We are not responsible for damage or other problems caused by malicious Worlds. Users should never enter sensitive information into a World. If you follow a link in a World it is at your own risk. Users must treat each World as a separate, unknown website.
  4. Send reports of malicious or misleading Worlds to abuse@ancientbrain.com and they will be removed and their accounts deleted.


Grounds for termination

The following are against the terms of use:
  1. Efforts to de-obfuscate obfuscated code.
  2. JS that makes the run window malicious or misleading.
  3. Linking to any malicious or misleading page from the run window.
  4. Trying to interfere with any ads in a run.
  5. Scripting of runs.
  6. Gross copyright theft.
  7. Pornography.
  8. Comment harassment, libel, spamming or other antisocial behaviour.

If you are in breach of any of the above, we may suspend or terminate your account.

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