Introduction to Programming

This is a course in Introduction to Programming, using JavaScript as the programming language. It is suitable for people who have never programmed before.

This is based on the excellent video series: Code! Programming with p5.js by Daniel Shiffman at The Coding Train. This course uses the P5 JavaScript graphics library.

The Shiffman code has been ported (with permission under MIT licence) to Ancient Brain "Worlds" that can be run and edited on Ancient Brain in the browser. You can edit the Worlds directly from inside this course. On Ancient Brain, you can clone, edit, run, host, share, comment, like and embed these Worlds. You can upload your own resources (images, music, etc.) to use in these Worlds.


Note on videos


When you are finished the first part of this course, you will be able to make Worlds like the following. Click to run them. You can clone and edit them directly in the browser.

Tutorial 2.1
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Created: 4 Sep 2018
Modified: 4 Sep 2018
Variables in p5.js (mouseX, mouseY)
Tutorial 2.5
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Created: 4 Sep 2018
Modified: 4 Sep 2018
The random() Function

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