Step 1. Code! Programming with p5.js

In the video, Daniel Shiffman from The Coding Train introduces JavaScript with P5. He introduces the p5.js Web Editor where you can code online.

We will be coding online on Ancient Brain. Before starting this course you should do the Ancient Brain Starter Tutorial (P5 version) to see how coding on Ancient Brain works.

Click the World image to run the World. Click "Clone and Edit" to make your own copy and edit it. Change some code and save and click "Run" to see what happens. You cannot cause any damage!

How to use these course pages

Course pages have "Coding Train" videos and Ancient Brain "Worlds".

  • Click video to play. Click World image to run.
  • Click "Clone and Edit" to make your own copy of the World and edit it.
  • Everything works in the browser. No install needed. You need to Register and log in to edit.
  • Use buttons (or back and forward arrow keys) to move through the course.

  • Warning: If you click "Clone and Edit" again, you make a new World. You do not return to the first World. To return to that, just keep its tab open. If you lose its tab, you can find the World again through your home page.


Tutorial 1.1
Code! Programming with p5.js
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