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Ancient Brain
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List of features

Here are the main features of Ancient Brain.

  1. Run JavaScript Worlds in the browser.
  2. Code JavaScript Worlds in the browser.
  3. Worlds can be games, AI applications, general apps, coding challenges, maths demos, physics demos, quizzes, chat applications, virtual worlds, museum tours, and more.
  4. 2D graphics Worlds. 3D graphics Worlds. Text-only Worlds.
  5. Write and clone and modify and share and host and search Worlds.
  6. Can run Worlds on mobile.

  7. Support for user keyboard interaction with Worlds.
  8. Support for mouse interaction with Worlds.
  9. Support for touch interaction with Worlds.
  10. Ability to write mobile games.

  11. Edit JavaScript in the browser.
  12. Editor syntax highlighting and syntax error checking.
  13. Intelligent code help. Select any code in editor, press Alt-I, and editor runs a series of rules to open best help page for that code.
  14. Can edit on mobile.
  15. On "Save" the code is live and can be run by anyone. No "build" or "publish" or any other intermediate step.

  16. Clone other users' Worlds and Minds.
  17. Open source Starter Worlds to get started with authoring.
  18. Obfuscate your code. "View Source" returns only obfuscated JS.
  19. Hide your work. Not visible by others. Hidden URL.

  20. Upload images.
  21. Upload music and sound effects.
  22. Upload 3D models.
  23. Reference and use other users' uploads in your Worlds.
  24. Recycle bin.

  25. Extensive Docs while coding.
  26. APIs: Systematic support for different JS libraries. See list of APIs.
  27. Support for 3D and 2D graphics.
  28. Support for Three.js graphics. See examples.
  29. Support for P5 graphics. See examples.
  30. Support for ML5 AI library.
  31. Support for 3D models.
  32. Support for Physics with ammo.js.
  33. Support for Physics with Physijs.

  34. Ability to use own graphics code or own graphics library.
  35. System tries to work around syntax errors and API errors by World authors. Tries to run World if possible.
  36. Worlds will always run in the future. Old APIs will stay unchanged as new APIs are added.

  37. Almost any JS can be injected into the run window.
  38. JS can include other JS at run-time, either on this site or from third-party site.
  39. Anything written in client-side JS, that includes any JS library from anywhere, can be uploaded and run on this site.

  40. Search engine for Worlds, Minds, users and uploads.
  41. Code search to search the JS code of all public programs.
  42. Can embed Worlds in external third-party sites. See "Embed code" links on World and Mind pages.
  43. Keyboard and mouse and touch actions work inside embed on third-party site. Can play games inside embed on third-party site.
  44. Customisable World screenshots.

  45. Worlds can be solved by programs (Minds) rather than human users.
  46. Minds are automatically ranked on online scoreboards.
  47. Minds can call other Minds.
  48. Minds calling other Minds enables the construction of hybrid multi-author AI systems.

  49. Worlds can save data to the server when the user is logged in. Games can use this to build a "human scoreboard" of humans that have played them.
  50. Websockets support for all Worlds. This allows real-time communication between users running your World. Write your own multi-user Web games. Allow real-time chat between users of your World.
  51. See the list of Multi-user Worlds showing users who are online right now in these Worlds.

  52. Support for teachers.
  53. As a teacher, you register a class of students. Then student work is hidden from all other students. But you as the teacher can see it, run it and also edit it.
  54. You can run it safely. Buggy student code cannot damage your machine or your account.

  55. Introduction to Programming - online course to learn how to code, using JavaScript and P5.
  56. WebGL course - online course to learn WebGL with JavaScript and P5.
  57. AI programming exercises for use in any AI course.

  58. Social functionality. User home pages. User pictures. Country flags.
  59. Can "like" Worlds and Minds.
  60. Tweet buttons on all World pages. Will automatically tweet out the World image.

The background is a program, showing the JavaScript graphics used on this site.
The globes light up when you log in.

Users retain ownership of user content.

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Call for partners!
Ancient Brain is looking for a partner to co-write a JavaScript coding book for schools, to be used worldwide. This would be a course for students in learning to code from scratch. The book and course will be integrated into the Ancient Brain site. This is an opportunity for someone looking to develop a course and textbook to partner with a site to promote it. Read more.