How to write a World

See Definitions for the basic terms:

Clone a World

The easiest way to write a World is often to Clone an existing World that seems similar to what you want, and then modify it.

New World: Choose World type and API

If you want to write a World from scratch, use: Generate a new blank World.
You will need to make two choices: If you clone an existing World, these decisions are made for you.


Each World defines the API it runs with. The World home page links to its API. Authors should examine the API page to see how to write for it. Any Mind for the World will be running with this API.

New APIs will be added in the future. (For example, ones based on new graphics libraries.) All old APIs will be kept, so that runs always work.

As far as possible, APIs are designed so that most parts are optional. Authors can omit parts and, as far as possible, the program will still run.

See List of APIs currently installed.

A "tweaker's box"

Many of the Starter Worlds have something called a "tweaker's box". This is a section at the top of the code containing things that can be easily changed by a non-programmer. (What is below the "tweaker's box" will need programming skills to change.)

This concept encourages users to clone the World and make easy changes.

You might like to consider adding a "tweaker's box" to your own Worlds.