Running 'logged in'

A 'logged in' run is a special type of run that is linked to your account.

Explanation: You login to your user account on the "main" server:

Runs take place on the "run" server:   where there is no user login.

However, some runs can have a form of 'login' where they are linked to your account. The run can take certain carefully controlled actions. It cannot take any normal user actions like delete World, change password, etc. No run page can take those actions.

One action that can be taken in 'logged in' runs is that the World can save data on the server in your account. A World can save a user's choices, their place in a game, or even things they have been creating, and restore them next time.


AB.runloggedin;                 // Boolean. Are we running logged in.  
AB.myuserid;                    // The userid of the run, if running logged in.

Run from the World page to run 'logged in'

Runs are only 'logged in' when run from certain pages:

Run situation Is the run logged in?
User is not logged in. No
User is logged in. Run is launched from World page (or Mind page or Edit page). Yes
User is logged in. Run is launched from other page. No


When you run 'logged in': When you run not logged in: