A World that uses Minds will have a "scoreboard" showing how well each Mind has done.

The problem - fake scores

Scoreboards are great if everyone is honest. But there is a fundamental problem.

Scores are sent from the run window to the server at the end of a run. The problem is the run window JS could send a fake score. There is no real way to stop attempted fake scores, since we allow the user inject any JS into the run window. Even without JS injection, the user could send fake scores separately. Fake scores are an inevitable hazard of any client-side system, and are an endless problem in Web games. See discussion of fake scores.


The solution

The solution is: The World owner has to manage and run the scoreboard.

To be clear: Only the World owner can do a run that generates a score on the scoreboard.

Conclusion: Fake scores are a possibility, but it is hard to fake a score without the World owner noticing.