Audio and music

AB has some functions to support audio and music:

AB.backgroundMusic ( musicfile );    // play background music, draw buttons, return audio object 
AB.standardAudioButtons ( audio );   // draw standard play/pause buttons for this audio 
AB.audioIsPlaying ( audio );         // return if this audio is currently playing 


Audio autoplay on web pages

There is a basic issue with audio which is that all these Worlds are web pages. Audio automatically playing on web pages can be annoying. As a result, in some browsers (especially mobile browsers) audio will not automatically play but requires user interaction to start it. The Starter Worlds that have background music have "play" and "pause" buttons for manual control if the music does not start.

A better solution is a splash screen to get a user interaction (a click) at the start of the run. Then background music can start, and audio events can be set up that can be triggered by the JS later for sound effects without further user interaction.
See notes on Audio for Web games.

Here are some sample Worlds that use user interaction (on a splash screen) to start background music and set up audio events for later:

Castle World
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Created: 11 Nov 2016
Modified: 17 Sep 2023
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Zombie Death Baby
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Modified: 17 Sep 2023
How to make a fun touch game for mobile. Touch drag and tap objects. Mouse drag and click object...
Collision World
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Created: 21 Sep 2017
Modified: 17 Sep 2023
Demo of Physics API. Blocks fall under gravity and collide. Can modify gravity, friction, etc. S...
Bouncy Balls
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Created: 1 Oct 2017
Modified: 17 Sep 2023
Demo of Physics API. Balls bounce under gravity and collide in low friction world. Splash screen...