Obfuscate and hide your code

The nature of client-side JavaScript is that the source code is visible. You run a World and "View Source" to see the JavaScript.
But what if you do not want people to see your JavaScript?
Ancient Brain provides the ability to obfuscate or hide your work.
When you Edit, you will see a selection like the following:

Here are your choices for your code:

  1. Plain text JavaScript. Public URL.
    Everyone can see your work and run it and clone it.
    "View Source" will show your code.

  2. Obfuscated JavaScript. Public URL.
    Everyone can see the existence of your Worlds and Minds, and can run them. They cannot clone them.
    Also, if they "View Source" they get your JS, but it will be a jumbled up ("obfuscated") version of your code. They cannot see your plain text code.
    Your code is also excluded from the site-wide JS code search.

  3. Hidden URL.
    No one can see or run your work, unless you tell them the secret URL.
    If you tell them the URL, then it is like the previous. They cannot clone, and they will see an obfuscated copy.
    Your code is excluded from the site-wide JS code search.

Further notes:

The most important note:
  • To encourage open source, the site has an Annual De-obfuscation once a year, where as much code as possible is un-hidden and de-obfuscated. You may need to opt out of this. See that page for how to do that.