Number of authors / registered users
(will include some bulk registers for classes)
(only records those users who picked a country)
Number of countries 14


Number of file uploads 2587
Average number of uploads per user 2
Disk usage of uploads 1116M
Average disk usage per user 0.9 M


Number of Worlds 2016
Number of obfuscated Worlds 30
Number of plain text Worlds 1986
Worlds with Minds 385
Worlds without Minds 1631

Number of World runs 128564
Most number of runs of any World 4396 (see list)
Average number of runs per World 64
Total lines of code in World JS files 618389
Average lines of code per World 307



Number of Minds 998
Number of obfuscated Minds 320
Number of plain text Minds 678

Number of Mind runs 81137
Most number of runs of any Mind 2140 (excluding broken Minds, see list)
Average number of runs per Mind 81
Total lines of code in Mind JS files 62233
Average lines of code per Mind 62


14 countries    1,235 coders    2,016 worlds    128,564 runs    0.7 million lines of code

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