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Call for partners

Ancient Brain is looking for partners to develop content for this site. We are looking for:
  1. Partners to develop courses in programming. These could be aimed at primary, secondary or third level. They could involve structured tests and automatic marking. So if you are thinking of making:
    • A course of programming videos.
    • A course of programming web pages.
    • A programming textbook.
    Then talk to us.

  2. Partners to develop courses in other subjects. For example, courses in physics or mathematics could be nicely supported by demos, examples and tests on Ancient Brain.

  3. Partners to bulk port JavaScript worlds to the site. There are many open collections of JavaScript that could be ported to the site. Porting in bulk would probably require scripting.

Ancient Brain has all the technology to support a rich course in programming (and other subjects). This is an opportunity for someone looking to develop a course or textbook with a site to promote it.

Send enquiries to:

Dr. Mark Humphrys
Ancient Brain project
School of Computing
Dublin City University
Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Ireland
Tel: (+353 1) 700-8059

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Call for partners!
If you are interested in writing a programming course, textbook or tutorial videos, Ancient Brain is looking for partners. We will work with you, and integrate your course into the site. This is an opportunity for someone looking to develop a course or textbook to partner with a site to support it and promote it.