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JavaScript classes in Dublin have ended

JavaScript classes in Dublin on Ancient Brain have ended.

If you are interested in future classes, register your interest at:

Free half-day courses in JavaScript programming on Ancient Brain, to be held in Dublin City University. For teachers and adult leaders.

  • Aimed at teachers of coding to young people. Free course for teachers and adult leaders.
  • Ancient Brain is suitable for teaching programming to young people in schools and clubs.
  • Ancient Brain supports JavaScript worlds with 2D and 3D graphics, mobile, touch and mouse interaction, camera motion, physics, lighting, shadows, custom textures, music, 3D models, teaching exercises, scoreboards, and more.

  • A half-day course. You only attend once.
  • Will be held at Dublin City University (DCU), Glasnevin, Dublin 9.
  • Taught by Ancient Brain founder Dr. Mark Humphrys, of the School of Computing, DCU.

  • The course will show you how to code JavaScript worlds on the Ancient Brain site.
  • We do not assume any JavaScript knowledge.
  • We cannot learn all of JavaScript in half a day. But we will show you how basic JavaScript programming works on Ancient Brain, do some coding, answer questions, and give you all the reference material needed to take it further.
  • We will have PCs in the room with guest logins. Or bring your own device.


DCU, Glasnevin. The McNulty (L) building.
There are two front doors of the L building. Go in the door furthest from The Helix.

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The globes light up when you log in.

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