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This API is for P5 Worlds using ML5. It comes with an Ancient Brain framework to make writing Worlds easier. This would require changes to existing ML5 worlds. So this is really for writing new ML5 Worlds for this platform.

This API has the following features:



This API defines a global variable "ABWorld" with functionality as follows.

 ABWorld;       // instance of class ABWorldClass - basic functionality for this API
 ABWorld.webgl = false;   
   // define graphics mode (2D or 3D)
   // 2D is default
   // for 3D set this to true   

 ABWorld.init ( color );             
   // create canvas with some background color	
   // this defines a setup() function and calls P5's createCanvas() function
   // The object returned by P5's createCanvas() function

   // The object corresponding to p5canvas.canvas 

Do not define a setup() function

P5 uses global functions setup() and draw().
This API provides AB support. It defines its own setup() function internally to create the canvas.
Hence in your World: Also:


Examples of Worlds that use this API:

Recognise any image
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Created: 10 Jun 2021
Modified: 17 Sep 2023
Try to recognise any image with ML5 and MobileNet. Enter any image URL at runtime.