Step 3. Breadth-first search (graphical)

This program does a graphical version of Breadth-first search. The graphic display uses a Force-directed graph.



Breadth-first se...
Breadth-first search with a Force-directed graph.


  • Each run has a random graph and a random start node and goal node. (Reload for another one.)
  • The program uses Breadth-first search to find a path to the goal.
  • View console to see what is happening.


  • This is a modified port of 02_bfs_oop_fdg from AI course by Daniel Shiffman.
  • Apparently no video.
  • This is an implementation of an algorithm in Grokking Algorithms by Aditya Bhargava.
  • Code modified here to generate random graphs with random labels.


Clone and Edit the World. Fix these bugs:
  1. It can add the node we are searching to the queue.
  2. It does not immediately stop when finds goal.
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