Code viewer for World: Points and Lines

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 * @name Points and Lines
 * @description Points and lines can be used to draw basic geometry.
 * Change the value of the variable 'd' to scale the form. The four
 * variables set the positions based on the value of 'd'.
function setup() {
  let d = 70;
  let p1 = d;
  let p2 = p1 + d;
  let p3 = p2 + d;
  let p4 = p3 + d;

  // Sets the screen to be 720 pixels wide and 400 pixels high
  createCanvas(720, 400);

  translate(140, 0);

  // Draw gray box
  line(p3, p3, p2, p3);
  line(p2, p3, p2, p2);
  line(p2, p2, p3, p2);
  line(p3, p2, p3, p3);

  // Draw white points
  point(p1, p1);
  point(p1, p3);
  point(p2, p4);
  point(p3, p1);
  point(p4, p2);
  point(p4, p4);