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This API is for Worlds with no canvas. That is, the World is a web page with regular HTML elements. This site is about uploading JS (not HTML) to make a World which normally "runs" on a canvas element on a page. This API allows you make a World with no canvas.

This API has the following features:

  • It gives you a blank page, and you use JS to insert whatever HTML and CSS and data you want on the page.
  • Your World can just document.write HTML and CSS into the body.
  • The API sets a page title.
  • There is no run header, so as not to interfere with your page layout.
  • You reload and close the page like any other tab.
  • Includes jQuery 3.3.1.

  • The style of the blank page is a body with margin 0 and padding 0. You can change it using JS like this:
      $('body').css( "margin", "20px" );
      $('body').css( "padding", "20px" );


  • The screenshot does not assume there is a canvas. Instead it takes a screenshot of the HTML.
  • It uses the html2canvas library to build a screenshot of your page using JS.
  • The html2canvas library has some limitations and may not be able to accurately screenshot your page.



Examples of Worlds that use this API:

Flickr World
137 runs ♦ 0 likes
By Starter user  
Created: 12 Aug 2018
Modified: 19 May 2019
Demo of "Web page" API. Just use JS to make a web page. This page gets images from Flickr using ...

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