Step 1. Introduction lesson

The first lesson from Alex Murphy shows you a simple game World that you can run. Click on the World image to run it. Use the arrow keys to move left and right.

This game is basically a web page with some program code in it. The lesson shows you what the JavaScript code behind this game looks like. Yes it looks complex and mysterious! For now.

How to use these course pages
  • Click on the Lesson to see it.
  • For each of the Worlds, click the World image to "run" the World.
  • Click "Clone and Edit" to make your own copy of the World and edit it. You cannot cause any damage!
  • You need to register and log in to edit. Step 2 in this course will explain how to register.
  • Use buttons (or back and forward arrow keys) to move through the course.

  • Note: If you click \"Clone and Edit\" again, you make a new World. You do not return to the first World. To return to that, just keep its tab open. If you lose its tab, you can find the World again through your home page.


1. Introduction
Introduction to "JS programming for kids" course.