Include a JS file

You can include another JS file in your code. This can be a local (on our server) or remote JS file. Include it like this:
This uses jQuery getScript. The JS script is loaded from SOMEURL. This is asynchronous. At some point it returns and SOMEFUNCTION is called. Your code elsewhere may need to check if the JS is loaded yet or not.



Multiple JS files

To break up your code into multiple JS files, upload the extra JS files into your "Uploads" section. You can edit them online with the "Edit" button on the Uploads page.

Your main World or Mind JS file can then include those other JS files as described above.

Worlds and Minds do not have to be on this site

Following on from the above, Worlds and Minds do not have to be on this site. You can develop Worlds and Minds on your own site, with your own development tools. So long as they are JS at some URL. You can then upload a stub World or Mind to this site which drags in the JS from your site at run-time.

This relates to The AI model behind this site.