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World: beep complex two3

Owner: Test account  
API: Three (AB) (r1)
World type: Uses Mind

Created: 12 Oct 2017
Modified: 27 Feb 2019

Type: Public. Obfuscated JS.

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374 runs

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Rank Mind Score Runs Owner Created Run
1 New Mindshh 17.5 55 Test account   19 Oct 2017
2 blank 0 222 Test account   12 Oct 2017
3 Cloned blan... 0 17 Test account   12 Oct 2017
4 Cloned Clon... 0 16 Test account   19 Oct 2017
5 comment New... 0 13 Test account   19 Oct 2017
6 Cloned Comp... 0 11 Test account   12 Oct 2017
7 New Mind 0 9 Test account   24 Oct 2017
8 Cloned blan... 0 9 Test account   26 Nov 2017
9 Cloned blan... 0 8 Test account   19 Oct 2017
10 Cloned New Mind 0 8 Test account   30 Nov 2017
11 Cloned blan... 0 5 Test account   19 Oct 2017
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